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We are a family owned business. If you’re wondering why this makes any difference the answer is simple. We actually make our food products with high quality ingredients. We make all of our products with actual authentic natural fruits,non-artificial ingredients, and best milk on the market. Our family has been doing ice cream Michoacan, Mexico style for many decades now. However, this new ice cream parlor has been recently introduced in the United States. We are currently located in the heart of Panorama City in California but we looking to expand throughout the state.

Don’t hesitate in letting us know how we have served you. We are always improving our services to satisfy our customers. The tastier we make our products, the happier you will go home after visiting us!


Bermúdez Family

Authentic Michoacan Ice Popsicles & Ice Cream Flavors

¿Quienes Somos?

Somos un negocio familiar. Si te preguntas porque esto es importante, la respuesta es simple. Siendo un negocio familiar, utilizamos ingredientes de la mas alta calidad para producir todos nuestros productos. Nuestra familia ha estado haciendo paletas y nieve estilo Michoacáno desde hace muchas décadas, pero solo recientemente se ha abierto esta paletería en los Estados Unidos. Todos nuestros productos son creados con frutas naturales y leche pura de la mejor calidad. Actualmente estamos localizados en el centro de Panorama City en California con la posibilidad de expender el el resto del estado.

No duden en hacernos saber cómo lo hemos atendido. Siempre estamos mejorando nuestros servicios para proveer la mejor satisfacción a nuestros clientes. Los más sabrosos que nuestros productos sean, lo más felices ustedes llegaran a casa después de visitarnos.


Familia Bermúdez

¡Autenticas Paletas & Nieves Michoacanas!

The Bermudez family opened their first and only restaurant in Panorama City, California in the hot summer of 2011. The Bermudez family has been involved in making paletas for many decades. Prior to the opening of the location in California, a few members of the family had previously worked with other relatives in their home country making paletas. However, when the family moved to the United States, they realized there was no restaurant making authentic Mexican paletas. Having such business opportunity with nearly no competition, the location in Califonia was opened.
“Getting the original ingredients has always been a challenge” quoted a family member. Making authentic Mexican paletas is a challenge when these are made in other countries. Since the opening of the restaurant, ingredients have been imported from Mexico to achieve high quality paletas and nieves. Nonetheless, some ingredients, like fruits and high quality milk, are collected in the US almost immediately after been harvested and prepared respectively. The Bermudez family commits to make high quality food without compromising customer’s wallet. More recently, the family has decided to incorporate organic ingredients to make the paletas and ice cream healthier.
While many restaurants have a business plan on hand to make their business succeed, many fail due to poor management of balance sheets, cash flows, and state of net income. However, the business model the Bermudez family uses makes the their trademark stand out from their competitors. The family focuses first in its costumers and then in its revenue and no the other way around. By the end of 2014, the Bermudez family expects to have several running restaurants in Los Angeles and possibly northern California.